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GOOD FAITH HUNTING: a book review

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GOOD FAITH HUNTING: How Baby-Boomers Help Recapture a Biblical View of Faith, by Henry Stewart is a book that tells the story that I believe I have been telling over the past years of my own ministry. That story is the belief that the life of being a Christian, a Christ-follower is a life of journey.

Stewart's use of the Old Testament formative days of the Hebrew nation as they wandered through the wilderness of Sinai enroute to the Promised Land is an insight analogy to understand the journey of the Christian. It was during this wilderness wandering that the Hebrews were traveling with God (Pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. Exodus 13:21) while at the same time experiencing an estrangement from God because of their doubt and disobedience. As a Baby-Boomer (b. 1955) I can personally understand and agree with the analogy.

Stewart weaves biblical accounts of the various journeys of God's people and prophet with stories from the lives of those on the journey with Jesus Christ today. From Old Testament through the New Testament and then on into the early centuries of the church the author seeks to prove forth his thesis that life is a journey and that is especially true for the ones who seek to follow Christ.

As a pastor I was drawn to the thought that we encourage people to make the journey from darkness into light, from being lost to being found, and yet once they make that transition we cease to allow them to journey any longer. We help people leave their wilderness and encourage them to live in the Promised Land, all the while forgetting how difficult the Promised Land was for the Hebrew nation. They may have "arrived" but the journey was far from over.

There are two people who should read this book. First, any pastor who has baby-boomers, busters, Gen-xer's, Millennials (you get the picture) anyone who is seeking to follow Christ. If these people are in your flock, you need to read this book and thus seek to encourage your people.

Second, if you are part of any of the above listed groups, then I would say you, too need to read this book and be encouraged.

To wrap up this journey here are some thoughts that grabbed at and settled in my soul.

  • It is in the wilderness that salvation and safety was found.
  • The wilderness was a place of problem & protection, of provision & perplexion.
  • Two sets of temptations in the wilderness; to stop & settle where you are at and to retreat & return to the slavery you left.
  • Maybe God does not ever remove us far from the Wilderness of Sin to serve as a constant reminder of our need to stay close to Him.
I appreciate Stewart's work, not only for the journey he leads us on, but for the personalities we are introduced to along the way. Personalities of all persuasions that can give us hope on our own journey.

A journey of true hope as we fix our eyes on the Savior. A journey well worth the trip. 

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