Sunday, August 04, 2013


OUR CHURCH PUMPKIN PATCH HAS BEEN UNDER ATTACK! Thankfully, Dan Lockwood has been doing his best to keep the attacking critters at bay.  I think we might even be winning the battle. The other day, while out on a jog through the woods I began seeing a connection between our gopher problem and our sin. Some lessons I gleaned:

Before the soil was tilled and there was any real plan, nobody really worried much about gophers. Oh, I am sure they were there, there was evidence of their activity, but it was just a big weedy field, so who cared? This holds true for the field of our soul, as well. When there is no plan, when we really don’t give two hoots about what goes on there, the gophers of sin can run rampant, but unnoticed. We’ve got more important matters at hand.

Once we have good plans for the soil of our soul, when we begin to prepare it to produce fruit in keeping with righteousness (Hebrews 12:11; James 3:18), it seems the gophers redouble their effort, or at least now we are noticing what was there all the time. The problem now is as we soften the soil, add nutriments and of course plant the seeds, all these things lead to increased activity of the critters that crave the old nature.

Before, when the field had no purpose or plan, we did not need to be diligent in its care, but now with purpose and plan for a field redeemed for kingdom use, we must increase our vigilance in keeping sin at bay. What once was not noticed, or at least not given notice, is now become a battle zone. It’s an everyday battle to keep the gophers and their ilk away from what we desire to be fruitful.

Thankfully, the task of gopher removal is not ours alone. We can set to the task under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, and with the promise of the Lord, that for those who remain faithful there awaits us a harvest one hundred-fold. (Mark 4:3-20)

So, my fellow-gardener in the Lord, till your soil, plant your seeds, water, weed and of course watch out for those varmints of sin and remove them quickly, then watch the work of the Lord has He makes the garden grow.  Need proof, check-out the pumpkin patch by the Hut!

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