Monday, August 19, 2013


A NEW BOOK IS GRABBING AT MY HEART, Soil and Sacrament: Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith, (Fred Branson). It a section on prayer he writes the following, it's worth recording here for my readers.
"The spiritual ecology of prayer always includes such places of withdrawal -- landings, tree stands, a chair by the wood stove -- unadorned places where your soul can touch down for awhile and simply be. It is in such silent emptiness that God is waiting. Here there is no need to plow the air with constant chatter. Let the mind's filed lie fallow, such places tell us, let the mycelial strands of prayer run in the dark and see what fruit might come. And when you leave, those some strands will follow under your feet, undergirding everything you do."

I guess this is one reason I love walking and running in the redwoods. We desire so much out of prayer that we often miss the greatest blessing of just being with God. Maybe stopping the incessant chatter of our tongues so we can actually hear the whisper of the LORD.

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