Sunday, August 25, 2013


THIS PAST WEEK OUR FAMILY WAS BLESSED with the birth of Sterling Paggu Tankoano. Yes, our family is excited, and Linda and I are proud grandparents. I have been blessed with a growing family that I would not have dreamed of even five years ago. Two married daughters with loving husbands from Burkina Faso and Bolivia. Our family times are always filled with the learning of new words and experiencing new cultures; we are truly blessed.

With the birth of Sterling I received a blessing that was unexpected, but ever so meaningful. Linda wrote up an explanation for Facebook, so I’ll let her words speak.

Let me tell you about Sterling Paggu Tankoano's middle name: It is the tradition that Didier's father should give the baby his name. Didier's father is believed to be over 100 years old (no one is quite sure). Because he is old and feeble and could die at any time, he sent word of the name he chose to Didier's sister who lives in a bigger city. Didier was SO moved when he heard the name that his father had chosen for his son. The simple explanation of the name is "Thankful to God" but Didier says it carries so much more meaning because when it speaks of God it speaks of everything God is, the fullness of God. Also there is a specialness to the name because not long ago Di's uncle who had the same name passed away and Didier's father wanted his name, Paggu, to be carried on. Didier has very high respect not only for his father, but for Randy as well, so he wouldn't even tell Krista the name his father had chosen until he told Randy.

I was so blessed to hear the name it brought me to tears, and to know that Didier blessed me by telling me first was a double blessing. I have always prayed prayers of blessings over my kids, that they would receive a double-portion of God’s Spirit, and of course that has been prayed over Sterling Paggu by our whole family as we gathered around him on Sunday.

Blessings are important! They can be spoken, or tangible or both. When they are shared they touch more than just the one receiving the blessing. We should do more of this.

Who will you bless today? Pray it. Speak it. Give it. It might change a life. Maybe even yours!
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