Wednesday, September 25, 2013


SOME MEMORIES OF GGCC: "From Crystal to Christ: A Once and Future Cathedral"

As one who sat in the pews, was led to Christ through the youth ministry, who worked in the Tower of Hope, in the catacombs of the Hour of Power, and had the supreme honor and joy to serve in the youth ministry, youth choir, hand-bell choir... and to get married within the of the sanctuary that preceded the Crystal Cathedral (I even mowed the lawns at Dr. Bob's house) This article rings with truth.

For all the naysayers, good things were birthed, nurtured and given opportunities to grow and flourish. 

Yes, I remember my years at GGCC with fondness and love and laughter.

The church, was not the building anyway, nor was it the Hour of Power, it was the caring people who walked its corridors, taught the classes, served the community.

May the Lord continue to bless the of the Kingdom of God that takes place on the land that was once an orange grove and walnut orchard.

To God be the glory, great things HE has done!

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