Sunday, September 01, 2013

PRESENCE -- Lessons from a Grandson #1

TODAY MARKS TWO WEEKS since Sterling Paggu Tankoano entered the world, more specifically, my family’s world. In reality he really has not done too much besides eat, sleep, poop, make a funny face, and repeat. Yet, he has made his mark in our hearts, and that comes from him just being present. His presence has forever changed our world and our relationships.

As Linda pointed out to me, we are now grandparents and there are new parents and aunts and an uncle. Yup, our lives are forever changed just because this little guy is present. There is power in presence, and it’s a lesson of which we should all take note.

Presence, the art of just being with another person, can be a powerful remedy in the healing of all kinds of pains. The pain may be physical, emotional or spiritual, but the simple presence of another person with us during that pain can make the battle much more bearable.

Our presence, much like Sterling’s, may not seem like much to us, but to the person we are with it may provide them the very courage or comfort they need to keep on keeping on.

As Christ-followers our presence is even of greater importance for we bring not only ourselves, but we are the very vessels of God the Holy Spirit. When we go and spend time with someone who is hurting, or lonely, who just needs a friend, we bring into that encounter the powerful work of God’s Spirit. All we need do is show up.

I am honored, as a pastor, to have so many in our church family who understand the power of presence. Those who go to visit the sick, the hurting, the shut-in, the lonely. Just this past week I know of Barbara Lockwood taking the time to visit some of our hurting church family, and her presence brought healing. You see you don’t have to be a pastor, in fact I believe that more is done by those not in pastoral garb. All you need to do is to show up, to be present. For in doing so, in Christ Name, you bear the very Presence of Him who is the healer of souls.

I am thrilled that Sterling showed-up. His very presence brings us joy, and should there be more grandchildren the joy will only increase. So, dear saint, be present for someone this week, maybe even today.  Just show up, your presence will be a welcomed cup of cool water for someone’s weary soul.
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