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[Disclaimer: This article was originally written for our church bulletin and it directly relates to our church, but I believe there is truth here for you as well, thus the posting.]

WE ARE SAVED BY GOD’S GRACE ALONE, through the finished atoning death of Jesus Christ, proved forth through the power of His resurrection. For those who repent of their disobedience to God’s sovereign rule and place their faith and trust in Jesus’ the finished work there is promised the forgiveness of sins, the reconciliation of our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and life eternal in the new heaven and earth that God has planned for those who love Him and respond to His grace. WOW!

In response to God’s amazing grace and His presence with us through the residency of the Holy Spirit in us, we are moved to serve our loving Lord with open hearts and hands.  This is not an option, or a condition of God’s perfect gift, but rather the most proper and holy response of worship. (Romans 12:1-2) To serve in God’s Kingdom is for us the highest privilege and priority. One such place of service is found within the Ministry Team of our church.
The Ministry Team is more than just a board of directors or a group of organizers, it is in truth a community of servant leaders who diligently seek to discern God’s specific will for the family of faith that call Felton Bible Church home.

Each year we have are given the opportunity to invite new individuals to join us on this journey of discernment, service and leadership. Each member of the Ministry Team is responsible for an area of ministry, giving direction and oversight to those who serve alongside the Ministry Team Coordinator.  Each Ministry Team Coordinator serves a three year term with the option of extending their service for a second term.

Due to some unfulfilled positions and the ending of terms, we find ourselves with many openings on the Team; you can note those inside this bulletin. Each Coordinator must be a member of the church who desires to see the Kingdom of God grow in strength and numbers here in our community and around the world. The role of each member of the Ministry Team is vital to the life of the church, and it is a call to which a follower of Christ should aspire. (1 Timothy 3:1)

How will you respond to God’s call of grace.
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