Tuesday, October 01, 2013


ONE OF THE FIRST DECLARATIVE SENTENCES a child learns is that simple one word phrase, “NO!” I suppose one of the reasons this becomes one of the first words and acts of speech communication is because it is what the child hears most often.

Often we find ourselves saying “No!” to our children to keep them from hurting themselves and sometimes we say it to teach them that they can’t have or do anything they desire any time they desire.

The truth is, we seem to grow up hearing a lot more “no’s” then we do “yes’s,” or so it seems.  I think the word “no” just sticks with us longer. It’s that way with God’s Law, we hear it as a bunch of “noes” all the while missing the “yeses” that He gives us.

This past summer I had the opportunity to attend, via satellite feed, the Global Leadership Summit, produced through the Willow Creek Association. I heard one of the conference team say that the word “NO” meant Next Opportunity. I found this quite refreshing. I appreciated how the positive response seemed to jump-start my desire to go and do something.

With this in mind I want to welcome you into the season of opportunity. Over the next few months you are going to be given opportunities to express the love of God and to proclaim the good news of Jesus. Here are some ways to set yourself free to say, “Yes!”

I am sure you could add a few more, like gifts for those serving in the military, or taking hot soup to the homeless throughout our area, or gifts to the children of those incarcerated, through ministries like, Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree. Need I say more?

Come and join me as we take the good news of the Kingdom of God, the news of the Incarnate Messiah, Jesus, to a world that is in desperate need of a few good “YES’S!”

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