Sunday, November 03, 2013


OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS I have had the opportunity to attend the kick-off events for Operation Christmas Child held in the Bay Area. At the events we were privileged and humbled to hear first-hand from the recipients of one of the shoeboxes. The truth is there is not a dry eye in the room by the time they are finished telling their miracle stories of receiving just the perfect gift, and how that gift led them to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, and how God is now using them to help tell the story around the world.

Each year we hear more stories, watch more heart-rending, heart-enriching video reports of lives being touched by a simple shoebox filled with gifts of love and compassion. For those of us blessed and privileged to live in a land of plenty and of conspicuous consumption, we might even feel a tinge of guilt for not doing more.

Now guilt may be a great motivator, but in regards to the shoeboxes of Operation Christmas Child, it is the wrong motivation. Our motivation to give should come from hearts filled with love and grace because we have been recipients of the great love and grace of God.

As I listen and ponder the wonderful stories of lives touched by these boxes filled with not only toys and helpful items, but also with the message of the Gospel, I am given to wonder, what about that one child that didn’t get a box? What about that far away village that couldn’t receive shoeboxes because there would be too little to go around? What one child’s life would miss the life-saving, life-changing message of the Gospel because we were one box short?

What if there were one more box?

That question lingers with me now. It haunts me. Couldn’t I package a little more love? Couldn’t I spend a few more latte-buying dollars on helping the Gospel reach a child, a family? In the grand scope of the Kingdom of God, will there not be more blessings poured out because I produced one more box, than raise the profit margin of the local coffee bar?  I believe the answer is quite obvious.

So, here’s my challenge: no matter how many boxes you gave last year, I challenge you to give ONE MORE BOX! Let’s make that our theme, our call to action, our cheer.  Let each of us this year give ONE MORE BOX!

Maybe, just maybe, that will be the box that will make all the difference in the world. And who could pass up a possibility like that?
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