Sunday, November 03, 2013


WE LIVE IN A PLACE AND TIME IN HISTORY where the existence of God is constantly coming into question, and yet our culture is alive with the searching desire to believe that something else must be out there.  We cannot be alone in the universe. It’s too big a place to think that we’re the only ones.

Not only is our culture seeking for life out there, but we also exhibit a hunger for finding the supernatural in our midst, just as long as that supernatural thing does not in any way, shape or form resemble the God of the Bible.

This cultural milieu in which we find ourselves as Christians, can cause us to feel that we are all alone in this world. Oh, sure God is up there in His heaven keeping watch over us, and we hold to the doctrine that the Holy Spirit resides within us,  but somehow those realities seem far away and distant from the everydayness of our lives.  We often feel like it’s “us four and no more.”  Being a Christian is a lonely existence, well except for the fact that there is that person sitting next to you in the pew. 

REALITY CHECK. We are NOT alone! We belong to a family with millions of brothers and sisters. (Talk about a Christmas gift-exchange party!) Today, as we stop and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters, we are reminded of just how large the family of God is.

Today, we who enjoy the freedom to practice our faith, gather to pray for those who do not possess that freedom. Not only do they lack the freedom to gather to pray and worship, they are often are dragged from their homes and churches. They are beaten, imprisoned, martyred for simply bearing the name of Christ-follower.

No, my brother or sister, we are not alone. And we must make sure that they, our suffering sisters and brothers know that truth as well.  It can start with your prayer today!
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