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English: A flashlight Svenska: Ficklampa
English: A flashlight Svenska: Ficklampa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
EVERY YEAR IT’S THE SAME, I don’t check the batteries in the flashlights until the power goes out. Why do I do that?  Something about being human I guess; like checking the oil level in your car because the little red oil light came on.  We don’t check things until we really need them.  Take those preventative doctor appointments that some health insurance companies pay in full, we don’t take advantage of those either.  Let’s face it; why go to the doctor when you’re feeling good, right? They’re just going to order more tests . . . blood tests . . . yuck!

OK, back to the flashlight and batteries. Too often we are not prepared simply because of one of  two reasons. First, we’re just not thinking about it (my excuse) and second because we’ll get to it before the flashlight is needed (my other excuse). It is of course better to plan ahead, to check and replace the batteries before they are required. So, write this down, “Note to self: Change batteries in flashlights. Second note to self: Find flashlights.”

As with a flashlight, so too with God’s Word. The psalmist writes, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105) God’s Word can illuminate the path we are on and also help us to see the path we are to take. Sadly, like the flashlight and the batteries, we often only seek to “turn God’s Word on” when we find ourselves in very dark places. Then we find ourselves fumbling around trying to make sense of both Word and world. The key to the Word’s light is to keep it lit all the time. You see the great thing about the Bible, it does not need batteries (unless you have it on your iPhone or iPad, but I digress.)

Life is full of unlit streets, dark allies, and sometimes even complete power outages. The key to keeping yourself safe in the dark is to be sure the light of the Lord’s Word is always lit. Bumbling and fumbling around in the dark is not the Lord’s desire for you. 

Open up the Book and leave the light on!
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