Sunday, December 29, 2013


AT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR many of us take time to quickly assess our present need for change in our lives. This often begins with a quick step onto the scale hidden by the trashcan in the bathroom (well, now you know where my scale is hidden.) Thus, resolution number one: lose weight or its kissing-cousin, get in better shape. The first days of the new year are often fraught with regrets from the past year and hopes for a better year to come.  So, what do you resolve to change or accomplish for 2014?

I suppose I could suggest a few things you could resolve to do, or I could share with you my “resolve to do list,” but in the first instance I would be intruding into your life and plans, and in the second instance I might by default make your choices for you. That being; if Pastor Randy thinks this is important then maybe I need to deem it an important thing to resolve to do. Both instances seem rather intrusive on my part.  That being said, I would like to offer you some ideas about how to go about developing your “resolve to do list.”

  • First, grab yourself a favorite beverage; a beverage that speaks comfort to you.
  • Second, find a place where you can sit quietly, undisturbed if possible.
  • Third, enter into a time of thankful reflection for the blessings God has given you throughout the recent past.
  • Fourth, ask the Lord to speak His heart to your heart as to your resolve list. Don’t be afraid here that God is going to give you more than you can handle, I have found that God is less hard on us than we are upon ourselves.
  • Fifth, write down those thoughts (resolutions) that come to mind. Don’t worry if they lack substance and details. Those details will come later as you and the Lord work through them in the coming year. Yes, do write them down, this is an important part of bringing life to your resolutions.
  • Sixth, offer these items back up to God, seeking to commit them to Him to be done for His glory, with His guidance and His strength.
  • Seventh, find a trusted friend (soul-mate, spouse, child, sibling, Christian brother or sister, or even your pastor) and share your list, and ask them to pray over it with you, right then and there and later as the Holy Spirit brings it to memory.

Once you’re finished you may want to make a couple of copies and then them places where you will be forced to encounter them throughout the year.  Continue to bring them before the Lord, allowing Him to adjust them as needed.

How will you do this year with your God-shared resolutions?  I really don’t know. But this I do know, keeping in close contact with God will always help you move in the proper direction.  And isn’t that the real goal, to make sure we are moving in the right direction with God at our side? Whether or not you accomplish all your resolutions is not really as important as knowing you’re headed God’s way and the suggestions above will start you on that process.

May the Lord richly bless you as together you continue upon that journey to Christlikeness for that is the resolution that should top all our lists.  Oops, sorry, I said I wouldn’t do that!

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Monday, December 23, 2013


Thanks to some gracious members of our church, their Christmas gift to me allowed us to give $100 to this project through the ministry of Living Water International!  You know who you are. The people of Burkina Faso and I thank you! 

Living Water International has many projects from which to choose, not only to bring clean water to those that need it most, but to also introduce them to the One, Jesus Christ, who offers to all living water -- FREE! (John 4:1-26 and Revelation 21:6)
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OH, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE! I’ve repeated that phrase at numerous gift-receiving events. And I have also had that phrase repeated to me.  Sometimes I would like to respond, “Yes, you’re right, I shouldn’t have, but I did.” The phrase, given or received, is often done with a sense of false humility. We’re actually glad that we were thought of, and we might have even thought we were entitled to receive the gift, but we surely don’t want to seem too greedy or heaven-forbid, ungrateful, so we dutifully say, “Thank you.”

The reality is the whole idea behind the giving of gifts is that what is given is not done so because we deserve it, or have earned it, but because a true gift is given out of love for the receiver.

This model of gift-giving finds its foundation in God. We are reminded in the Scriptures, that we truly love only because we were truly loved by God first. (1 John 4:19)  This is what the first Advent of our Lord was all about; God expressing His love to us, not just because we needed it, but because God loved us!

I suppose we could say to God’s gracious gift, “Oh, You shouldn’t have.” To which He could have responded, “You’re right, I shouldn’t have, but I did!”  God gave to us because He is love and out of His very nature He poured forth His unconditional love upon us.

What is our part?  Our part is to receive the gift with abundant, open-hearted gratitude.

This Advent receive the gift and give thanks!  It’s the proper response.

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(Note: in the video "messes" = sin)

Friday, December 20, 2013


NO REASON TO FEEL GUILTY WHEN YOU HAVE TO RUSH BY one of Santa's Helpers, but if you CAN each little gift helps when you drop in your coins! THANKS!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013




I KNOW THAT IT MAY SOUND A LITTLE SELFISH, but I want to encourage you to give yourself a gift this Advent season. A gift that you can use long after the batteries in your kid’s toys wear-out, or that new sweater gets a snag or the pounds you promised yourself to lose go away. It is a gift that really will not cost you too much and it really will not take away from the gifts you desire to give to others.

What is this special, and I would add much-needed gift? It is the gift of listening. For all the non-stop information transfer that takes place in our lives, whether in the form of texting, or Facebook chatting, or FaceTime interaction on your iPhone, very little deep listening takes place. Yes, lots of interaction, lots of information streaming by you, but very little listening. Especially listening to yourself.

This Advent season give to yourself, and others around you, the gift of listening. The cost involved consists mainly of two things: time and caring. Deep listening to others, or even to yourself, will demand taking time to fully concentrate and caring enough to really hear.

Here are some ways and places to use this often unappreciated gift:
  • Take a walk in the woods, as far from road noise as possible, and listen.
  • Grab a loved one, sit down over a cup of ______ and ask them how their soul is today? (Note to self: your job is to listen, not respond or fix or suggest.
  • Open God’s Word and listen to what you read. Don’t study. Don’t analyze. Listen.
  • Grab a family photo album, peruse its pages and listen to your heart.
  • Turn on a classic piece of music, I’m talking more classic than your father, maybe Mozart, or Chopin or Haydn, and listen.
  • Find a spot, where you can be alone, and listen to your heart. Your physical and spiritual heart.

It may not seem like much of a gift, but believe me learning to listen deeply is one of the best gifts we can give, to ourselves and to others. So, listen up!



Friday, December 13, 2013

Monday, December 09, 2013


A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO one of my children gave me a special gift. It was a foot-long piece of 2x4 with a few nails pounded in it. It was supposed to be a tie rack, or was it a belt rack, maybe it was multi-purpose rack, I never did quite know, but the truth is it was handmade especially for me without another one quite like it in the world (that I know of.)

I liked that gift for a couple of reasons. First, it made me smile to think that I had made similar gifts for my dad and mom when I was young. Second, I was struck by how a simple gift, made in a simple manner, given for a simple purpose could bring pride to the giver and joy to the recipient.

When you think about all the money and angst that often accompanies our Christmas gift-giving is it any wonder we find ourselves driven to wit’s end by the time Christmas day arrives? Something tells me this is not what the Lord Jesus, whose birth we are celebrating, would require of those who seek to follow and honor Him. Truth-be-told, the Scriptures never tell us to celebrate His birth; His death and resurrection, yes, through Communion, Baptism and proclaiming the Word of God, but not His birth.

His death and resurrection were quite public events with many witnesses, but His birth was incredibly humble (in a barn) and unnoticed (except for a few fear-struck shepherds.)  I wonder if we would better celebrate His birth as it happened; humbly and unnoticed by the masses.  Would it not be more true to His birth celebration if the gifts we give and the manner in which we give them be of a simpler nature?

Wouldn’t three nails in a block of wood be a clearer reflection of the original Gift?  How then should we give?   
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Monday, December 02, 2013


YES, I REALIZE THAT WE ARE ENCOURAGED to shop local in order to help out the “Mom & Pop” stores that are seen as the backbone of our economy. Some of the more militant among us would push for the closure of the multi-national Big-Box stores that are seen as the nemesis to all that is American. I truly am not trying to take sides and certainly do not want to start a battle between the various rights afforded to us as an affluent and consumer-driven culture.

My desire is that as we once again enter this season of giving we take time to consider the needs of those beyond our family and friends. I am asking you to stop and contemplate your giving in light of the reality that the giving of this season finds its foundation in the giving that God the Father did when He sent His Son into our world. A gift given at great cost and with the possibility of great reward. I suppose we might say the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.

When we ponder the gifts to give to those we love, we should also be pondering what we can give to those that God loves but we have yet to meet.  I would encourage you to shop globally (See: Global Giving for ideas) this Advent Season. By that I do not mean buying gifts via the internet from some shop keeper on the other side of the planet; rather I am calling us to seek ways in which we can shop to best help those who do not enjoy the blessings afforded us here in America. It must also be said that there are those who call America home, but are still globally distant from the blessings and lifestyles that most of us

Therefore, this Advent Season be sure to see how you can shop so to bring a blessing to those in true need of your gift. We started out well this year with 517 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! Well done, church! We’re off to a great start, let’s just keep the blessings rolling.
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