Monday, December 02, 2013


YES, I REALIZE THAT WE ARE ENCOURAGED to shop local in order to help out the “Mom & Pop” stores that are seen as the backbone of our economy. Some of the more militant among us would push for the closure of the multi-national Big-Box stores that are seen as the nemesis to all that is American. I truly am not trying to take sides and certainly do not want to start a battle between the various rights afforded to us as an affluent and consumer-driven culture.

My desire is that as we once again enter this season of giving we take time to consider the needs of those beyond our family and friends. I am asking you to stop and contemplate your giving in light of the reality that the giving of this season finds its foundation in the giving that God the Father did when He sent His Son into our world. A gift given at great cost and with the possibility of great reward. I suppose we might say the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.

When we ponder the gifts to give to those we love, we should also be pondering what we can give to those that God loves but we have yet to meet.  I would encourage you to shop globally (See: Global Giving for ideas) this Advent Season. By that I do not mean buying gifts via the internet from some shop keeper on the other side of the planet; rather I am calling us to seek ways in which we can shop to best help those who do not enjoy the blessings afforded us here in America. It must also be said that there are those who call America home, but are still globally distant from the blessings and lifestyles that most of us

Therefore, this Advent Season be sure to see how you can shop so to bring a blessing to those in true need of your gift. We started out well this year with 517 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! Well done, church! We’re off to a great start, let’s just keep the blessings rolling.
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