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A patient having his blood pressure taken by a physician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I GUESS YOU COULD CONSIDER THIS A RANT, so please forgive any pain or discomfort I may cause, in other words, please be patient with me. Being patient, that’s the issue! (And our next Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22) Why is it that when I show up on time (if not even early) for a scheduled doctor’s appointment I have to wait anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour after my scheduled appointment time? But, if I am but five minutes late to check-in I am glared at and questioned regarding my inability to be on time? Go figure!

I suppose the lesson for me is to become a patient patient. I need to learn to be on time, wait my turn, and know that hopefully soon I will hear my name called, followed by those long-awaited words, “The doctor will see you now.” I know that the doctor is busy, and he has other patients that he is seeking to care for, I just need to be patient.

This lesson from the doctor’s office plays well in my mind when I think about my relationship with the Great Physician of our souls.  I come running in with some new ailment I need the Lord to fix and it seems from my vantage point that I need to sign-in, sit down and be patient. Honestly, I don’t like those days.

What I have come to discover though is that the very act of being patient before the Lord develops within me the patience that the Lord desires for me to possess. Patience, like so many of the other virtues, only comes through development. Patience comes as we learn to be the patient patient. This fruit of the Spirit does not bud, bloom, and produce a delectable fruit overnight, but when we patiently allow it to develop it brings forth the peaceful fruit of righteousness. (Hebrews 12:11) A fruit that is pleasing to the Lord, and that makes it all worth the wait.
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