Tuesday, June 10, 2014


LAST SUNDAY I RECEIVED many warm welcomes: many kind words and generous hugs, but one stood out above the others; one which gave me a glimpse of what simple eschatological joy may be like. This hug came from little Anna.

I entered the sanctuary just prior to the beginning of our worship service. Anna was at the front pew with her back to me. I went up and gently tapped her on the shoulder. She quickly turned around her gaze at my shoes slowly moving upward to see who had touched her, and upon seeing my face exclaimed with childlike joy, “Oh!” and preceded to give me a big hug.  My heart was warmed, first by being recognized and remembered by such a special little one and second by receiving an immediate and gracious hug that only a child can truly give.

Later, as I sat silently contemplating the Communion cup in my hand, my thoughts returned to Anna’s greeting. I was encompassed by the thought that our encounter may be like our first face-to-face encounter with Jesus, whether at our passing or at the Rapture. He shall touch us gently upon the shoulder, we shall turn and gaze into His eyes and exclaim, “Oh!”

It was wonderful to receive such a welcome and as I held the cup I wondered, “Have I welcomed Jesus that way today?”  From a position of prayerfulness did I raise my eyes heavenward as we sang “10,000 Reasons” and with childlike faith and love exclaim, “Oh!” It should be our response each day, which prepares us for The Day when we shall see Him, face-to-face.

Will you welcome Him today?
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