Tuesday, July 22, 2014


1631 Book of Psalms
1631 Book of Psalms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
STARTING A NEW SERMON SERIES THIS WEEK: Songs from the Heart. We will be looking at a variety of the Psalms to see how they do sing from the heart both in joy and lament, in praise and in anger.

As I was doing some "prep-work" I pulled an previously read book from my shelf by Eugene Peterson, "Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer" great book. It flipped right open to a page I had highlighted before in which Peterson writes about the "presumptuous prayer."  In grabbed me again, as it had grabbed me before and I thought it worth sharing.
   Presumptuous prayer speaks to God without first listening to him. It obsessively, anxiously, pr pretentiously multiplies human words to God, but with, at best, a distracted, indifferent or fitful interest in God's words to us. But God speaks to us before we speak to him. If we pray without listening, we pray out of context.
    Protection against presumption come is the editorial arrangement of the Psalms into five books, showing that prayer is a response to the Torah's five books.
I guess the Lord might say, Listen. Learn. Live. Too often, I get this backwards.

Speak Lord, for your servant is listening . . . I open my heart as I open Your Word.

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