Sunday, July 27, 2014


Photography by Elizabeth Kay, Push Pin Pictures 
GOD HOLDS CREATION in the palm of His hand (Isaiah 40:12). As Christians we believe that God created all things, and holds all things together (Colossians 1:16-17). When we consider this truth our minds often flow to the immensity and powerfulness of God. We dwell upon His omnipresence and His transcendence over His creation.  Creation is BIG, it is AMAZING therefore God is BIGGER and MORE AMAZING!

All this is true, early Sunday morning, July 20, 2014, I too held creation in my hands. Not the billions of galaxies with their billions of stars and planets, but I held the preeminent aspect of God’s creative act: a newly born bearer of His image, one made after the likeness of the Triune God. (Genesis 1:26)

Her name is Kiley Rose Garcia. As I held my newborn granddaughter I was not thinking about how much bigger or more powerful I was than her. I did not contemplate how much more I can comprehend than her, rather I was overwhelmed with how much I loved this little girl that I had only met minutes before. Yes, I marveled at the creation in my arms, her long fingers, tiny ears and a little tongue that likes to stick out, but more than anything I was grateful. I was grateful to hold another gracious gift from God’s loving hands and the newest member of my family.

Now, as I write this I wonder as God holds all creation in His hands if He thinks about how much bigger, wiser, stronger He is than all He created, or does He peer into His arms with a heart full of gratefulness, wonder and love? I believe it is the latter.

More than anything, God loves His creation, and that includes you, Kiley Rose.

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