Sunday, August 31, 2014


I AM NOT A BOTANIST, nor the son of a botanist, so my scope of understanding of the workings of the plant world is incredibly limited, other than the fact that if you don’t water plants they tend to die! That is unless you are a weed!

As we know California is a very thirsty place right now. Our lakes are drying up, the streams are ceasing to flow and the water table is dropping. Thus, many of us are under some kind of water restriction. In our neck of the dry woods we get to water three days a week for a total of 15 minutes a day. We’re doing our best, cutting back where we can, flushing when we must, saving that which would flow down the drain and of course, praying for rain. We’re keeping a few things green and growing, that is what’s left after the deer have breakfast, but it’s looking pretty bleak.

Our lawn, we call it the “back-forty” is as dry as a bone, except for the weeds! They keep springing up all green and vibrant!  What gives with THAT?  I guess weeds thrive on drought, or at least they don’t need much moisture to grow and reproduce.

As I ponder the drying up of our community, and with that drying, the rising risk of wildfire that could destroy not only nature but homes and lives as well, I’m given to consider the spiritual implications for the follower of Jesus Christ and for the whole of the church, the Lord’s Body.

It’s not a spiritual stretch to see that sin can be well represented as weeds. It doesn’t take much water or neglect to get weeds to grow. In fact, they don’t need much help at all, and left untended they will multiply. So it is with sin.

As followers of Jesus if we are not tending to the fields of our spirit it will not take long before the weeds of sin take root and begin to spread. In order to keep things flourishing as they should be, a few things are required.

First, is watering our spirits with the Word of God, keeping the soil of our hearts moist and fertile so that the good seed will sprout and grow. Second, we must also be diligent at weed removal. As my wife reminds me just lopping off their heads is not weed removal, you must pull them up from the roots, and as we know some of those buggers have some mighty firm roots. So it is with sin, we must work diligently at removing those things that choke out the growth of the Word in our lives. (Luke 8:1-15)

God desires that our spirits be fertile ground for His fruit of grace to grow, the “fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23)

Therefore, even though our state finds itself in the midst of a dire drought, it must not be so for the church of Jesus Christ. The soul that remains in drought will produce only weeds and that is not the harvest field Jesus desires for us. Let us commit to do that which keeps our lives, and the life of the church, growing and reproducing a hundred-fold unto His glory.

Holy Spirit rain down on us and may Your mighty river flow.

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