Sunday, August 24, 2014


CLEAN YOUR ROOM, NOW!”  These were words I heard my mother often tell me, she never yelled them, she was not a “yeller,” but she did have that quiet, fear instilling voice and look that communicate very well the importance of her words.

Now, I wouldn’t say my mom was a “neat-freak,”  Okay, she really was! Did you ever have to comb the fringe on the area rugs throughout the house?  And you wonder why I turned out as well as I did . . . but I digress.

My mom’s idea of a clean room and my idea were not the same, to say the least. Mom saw that stuff on the floor, piles on the desk, clothes strewn on the bed, did not constitute a clean room, and I must agree with her.  But that’s why there is a closet with a door and space under your bed, right? All that was needed to clean your room was to push things far enough under your bed, toss them in the closest and close the door and sweep items on the dresser top into the top drawer.  Room is clean, right? Wrong!

My mom expected under the bed emptied of all stuff, including dust-bunnies. She expected closets were for hanging clothes and tidily placed shoes, and dresser drawers were to be neatly arranged. She would have made a great Marine!

To put the above in a Scriptural frame of reference; we are not saved by the cleanliness of our rooms, we are saved and brought into God’s forgiven family through the receiving of Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross, and His life-proclaiming resurrection. BUT, we are called to keep our spiritual rooms clean. Take a look at the directives in Colossians 3:1-17 and see what a clean room looks like.  Nothing jammed in closets, pushed into drawers or hidden under the beds.

A dirty room never got me kicked-out of the family, nor denied dinner but it sure made mom happy.  Get the picture?

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