Sunday, August 03, 2014


“LET ME SEE THOSE HANDS!”  Mom didn’t just ask, “Did you wash your hands for dinner?” Because she knew that just because I said I did, didn’t mean that I did.  It was doubtful that any dirt would get on the food anyway. But no use arguing with mom, just show her your hands and they better be clean!

Jesus makes the same demands as my mother did. It was not enough to say something was done or not, Jesus wanted to see the action that proved out the statement. This is the problem He often had with the Pharisees, calling them white-washed tombs full of dead men’s bones. (Matthew 23:27)

Later, the Apostle Paul would call the church in Galatia into account by calling them to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk, seeing that God cannot be fooled. (Galatians 5:13-26; 6:7-10)  Even James would get into the act by reminding his readers that faith and deeds must work in concert. (James 2:14-26)

The reality is this, when it comes to confessing our sins, it’s not enough to say we’re sorry, we need to show a contriteness of heart and life. Now, I firmly believe that our sins, and their final effect where taken care through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. (1 John 2:1-2) Yet, we are also called to have, that is to show clean hands.

As we partake of the Lord’s Supper this day, let us do so with clean hands. Let them be washed in the atoning blood of Christ. (Isaiah 1:18) And also let us lift them up through our righteous acts to show to the Father that we are ready to sit and receive the Meal.

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