Sunday, September 21, 2014


GOD GAVE YOU TWO EARS and one mouth, that means you should listen more than you speak.” Well, that didn’t always work for me. Seems like I had developed  a skill of speaking out when I shouldn’t  have into an art form. I could stick my foot in my  mouth and still keep talking. Yes, you’re right my mouth sometimes could cause a world-of-hurt to others and myself.

Though I did not readily apply my mother’s wisdom when I was young, I learned as I grew older, and hopefully wiser, that once again my mom was right.  I’m not going to say my mom was always right, but . . . well, she might be listening from “up there,” so let’s just say she gets a solid “A” for effort. Well, back to the lessons learned.

First, I did learn that when it comes to relationships here on Earth, you’ll go much farther listening than speaking. The truth is, if we listen well we will not have to speak as much in return. Thus, less speaking leads to less foot-in-mouth-disease, less hurt feelings, and on the positive-side we can actually speak more wisely when we listen more carefully.

Second, I have discovered that what works with my relationships here on Earth works even better in my relationship with God. Too often, as a follower of Jesus, I find myself talking more to God, than listening for and to God. Let’s be honest, God’s got much more to say when it comes to wisdom than anyone else, so it makes sense to listen more closely and carefully to Him.  

Here’s some ways to listen better: Read His Word, not just when you need to but on a regular basis. Second, practice the discipline of silence and solitude. As the psalmist records, “Be still and know that I am God.(Psalm 46:10)  It’s difficult to be still if we’re running off at the mouth, even if we call it “prayer.” Third, find some wise believers and seek to listen to them. Finally, don’t be afraid to read some of the “old” books of the faith, there’s lots of gems to be mined from the early church fathers and mothers.

So, there you have it. As mom would often say, “Randal Scott Kay, listen up!” Good words then. Good words now.

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