Sunday, October 19, 2014


TODAY WE DEDICATE A CHILD, but more than that we are given cause to pause and remember the legacy which is given to us as God’s children.

In one regard we are all God’s children, for He alone is God, the giver of life. And it was for all God’s children, those near (the Jews) and those far (the Gentiles) that Jesus came to die upon the cross as the perfect, atoning sacrifice for our sins, and to bring us the gift of grace, forgiveness and the opportunity to be reconciled into God’s family. (Romans 11:11-36)

In today’s Child Dedication we remember the legacy of God’s grace and love. As parents we follow God’s design as we bring ourselves and our children back to Him who has redeemed us.  

For those of us who are adults of various ages and place in life, we come again to our Heavenly Father and re-dedicate ourselves to Him; to follow His desire and design for us in being conformed to His Son. (Romans 8:29)

For those who bring their children it is a time to give thanks, to offer blessing and to covenant before God and His church to raise these God-given gifts in the love and grace of the Lord. We come praying for our children that they will give their lives unto the Lord for His glory as we also pray for their protection.

As the family of God it is a time for all of us to re-dedicate ourselves to love well, just as we have been loved by the Father. To live in  the legacy of His love as we seek to pass His legacy on to each following generation.

So let us love!

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