Friday, October 17, 2014


THIS IS A POWERFUL TED VIDEO. Moving. Humbling. Challenging. It not only shows us the resilience of the human spirit, but the importance and power of love that speaks, cares, expresses, longs and  celebrates.

As a follower of Jesus, I was moved by the lesson that I have been given the responsibility to speak the Words of God. I must be close to Him, watching closely the "movement of His eyes," and then record and recount His message to the world. True, God is not paralyzed, but He has called us to draw NEAR to HIM, so that we can SHARE HIS WORD to the world.

The final words of this video also carry for us a great truth, a powerful challenge. We, even though we may see ourselves paralyzed by so many issues, both from with-in and with-out, we have a HOLY WORK to do.

May the HOLY SPIRT cause our spirits to tingle with new life!


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