Wednesday, November 26, 2014


WE NOW EMBARK INTO A SEASON OF THE YEAR that should provide us the greatest opportunity for stillness and reflection. The season of Thanksgiving and Advent.  But alas, it most often provides just the opposite.

God, in His wisdom and love provided us with the gift of Sabbath, and too often, to our own demise we have neglected this most gracious of gifts.

My prayer for you, for me, is that in this season we will in fact carve out time to sit in the glorious stillness of His presence and enjoy the Gift of Sabbath. You might say to yourself that you cannot find that day, then I encourage you to find that moment, that hour. As in any new exercise program, the key to positive growth is to start slow. Therefore, if your schedule does not allow you a day for Sabbath (which is a very telling thing) then start slow and let it build.

If you desire to give yourself a special Christmas gift this year, may I suggest you give yourself the gift the gift that God gave, open it up and be refreshed.

Here is a TED Talk that I received today, and though not "Christian" it does speak to the need to stop, and rest and reflect, so that we can in fact be blessed and be a blessing.

God bless you in your journey toward the gift of Sabbath.

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