Monday, November 10, 2014

Healing Troubled Hearts: A Review

I was requested to read and review, Healing Troubled Hearts through exchanges with the Master, William Day, Phd, LCSW.  I was pleased to do so having presently been working through my own personal season of a "troubled heart."

Dr. Day brings a varied background to the text, sharing his own deep personal journey as both healer and healed. His journey took him through a very clinical approach to the final realization was that the One who could best offer healing to broken hearts was the One who created us in the first place. That One being the God of the Bible.

Dr. Day's method, rather simply stated, is helping people realize the God that created them, is that God that is with them, even through the dark, troubled times and the God that can bring healing to their broken souls. (My emphasis)  This is done through a series of prayer-led encounters and discoveries of where God is and what God is doing, even in the healing of long-past damages.  In many ways it is not too far off of the Saint Ignatius Spiritual Exercises of listening prayer and spiritual direction.

I find the strength of the book comes from the author's own personal struggles, education, clinical experience and spiritual development. No simple answers here, but rather a call to deeply, slowly, with the help of a trained individual (spiritual director?) open yourself to allow God to provide deep cleansing healing in your life.

It might not be the answer for everybody and every problem, but bringing yourself before the Lord, especially with a caring and trained helper might prove just what is needed for the healing of your troubled heart.  I would recommend the book to some I personal know who suffer with a troubled heart, os that might be the best recommendation.

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