Sunday, November 30, 2014


Christmas gifts.
Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
WE ALL HAVE CHRISTMAS LISTS. Some are more costly than others. Some are long and some are short. All are usually filled with hopes and desires, wants and wishes. Well, not to be outdone, I want to present to you my “Shameless Christmas Present List for 2014.”

For those of you who know me well, over the past number of years my “list” has been outward focused. The purpose of my sharing this list with you is not so that you will get me something, but my prayer is that this list will be an encouragement on what to include on your list.  All of these gifts can be given in honor of another person, therefore, the gifts have the possibility of really multiplying. So, here is Pastor Randal’s 2014 list of desired gifts:

Support the ministry of the Advent Conspiracy and their well-digging with Living Water and justice projects through International Justice Ministry

Support one of our missionaries through personal monthly giving. Check with me about needs.

Support a child through ministries like Compassion International  or Global Fingerprints

Get involved with ValleyChurches United Missions for the next year, or maybe the Santa Cruz Rescue Mission.

Adopt a neighbor that you might know that could use some “Secret Support” and tangible expressions of God’s love.  An act of gracious kindness once a month could change a life forever.

Join our King and Kingdom Prayer Time on Sunday nights as we seek God’s heart for our community and world.

Thanking you in advance!

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