Sunday, November 16, 2014


TWICE I APPLIED TO WORK as the Director of Redwood Camp at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center and twice I was passed-over. The answer devastated me.

It was not until I began working with Pastor Ron, who actually had been a Director at Redwood Camp, did I discover how ill-equipped I would have been for the job. Once again God knew the right doors to close.

But God knew the right doors to open. For in closing the door to Mount Hermon He opened the door to planting a church in Crescent City, California, a church (Pelican bay EFC) that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week.  God is good  . . . but then we already knew that!

Many of you may have been passed-over, maybe it was a job promotion, a place on the sports team, a part in the school play or that special relationship with that special someone. Each one of these times of being “passed-over” can be devastating. By now this Shepherd’s Staff could be getting rather depressing, but that is not my purpose in writing. Rather, I want to encourage you.

In all the things in which you have been passed-over, there is one that stands out as tremendously good news. Jesus’ death on the cross provides for the submissive believer a permanent passing-over of the guilt of our sin. We have been forgiven! And with that forgiveness the promise of God that He will not pass-over us, but rather He will always have us in His gracious and watchful care.

But thanks be to God, that because Jesus’ sacrifice was eternally successful, marked by His resurrection and ascension to the throne of God, we do not have to fear of being passed-over by the merciful love of God, neither now nor into life-everlasting.

That, my friends, is good news that surely makes up for all the devastating disappointments of this present life. So, let us all give thanks!

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