Sunday, November 02, 2014


BE KIND AND POLITE. That phrase related to whether we were talking about puppy dogs or grandma-types, I was supposed to be kind to all.

My mom taught me that being kind and polite meant saying “please” and “thank-you,” even if I wasn’t truly thankful for the spinach that came from a can. Remember that green slimy stuff that Popeye said was so great?  Spinach didn’t make Popeye strong, because you had to be strong already to eat that straight out of the can . . . but I digress.

Though my mom was the one to often say “Be kind and polite,” it was my dad that showed me how that phrase looked in everyday life. It meant opening the door for others, especially older people. It meant walking closest to the street when strolling on the sidewalk with a lady, especially your mother. It meant offering your seat so others would not have to stand. All-in-all it meant putting the needs of others above your own and doing it to show worth and consideration of the other person.
Sadly, this seems to be a lesson our culture is quickly forgetting. Whether it’s the antics of talk-show hosts, the tirades of sports personalities or the ranting’s of politicians, our culture is losing its ability to be kind and polite.  What bothers me most of all is that this lack of consideration for others, a lack of politeness and kindness, can also be found in the midst of those who are called by the name of Christ.

I think it’s time once again to give up our seats, to open the doors, to speak words of thankfulness and to show polite consideration for others whether inside or outside the walls of the church.

In our thoughts, words, and actions let us each choose to love well, and thus fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 5:1-10)

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