Sunday, November 02, 2014


GIVEN THAT MY GRANDKIDS CAN’T READ YET, I feel it safe to divulge what grandpa has in store for the little munchkins.  I am giving them specially designed, high strength, multi-sized brown card board boxes, along with washable felt pens and Exacto knives (Okay, just kidding about the knives!)

The truth is, the little tykes are always more interested in the boxes than what’s in them, well at least that holds true when they’re little. Of course, as they grow older, and wiser, they actually expect something cool inside the box. But let’s be honest, a lot of great, imaginative fun can be had with some plain old brown boxes and the actively creative minds of toddlers and their grandpa.

Boxes can be wonderful wonder-filled things, especially if you’ve never received a box full of special items, chosen just for you.  That’s what the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child is all about. Filling shoebox-sized containers with special gifts for children around the world who often can’t even find an empty brown box to play with, and in fact, may call a brown box their home!

This year we have set our God-sized goal of collecting 600 boxes here at Felton Bible Church.  Each year the number gets bigger and bigger and each year God blesses us with the opportunity to reach that goal for the sake of His children and His glory.  I am praying that you will be part of seeing that goal reached or maybe even surpassed.

Of course, it’s not the number of boxes that’s of utmost importance, or even the items that go within them. (For gift ideas checkout the Operation Christmas Child website), but it is the prayer-covering that you pray as you pack your boxes. It’s no mystery why Operation Christmas Child has been so successful. The success comes from the prayers that accompany each box, the Gospel message that is placed inside and the love with which each box is hand-delivered.

With gratitude we look forward to Thanksgiving Day. With expectation we look toward the Advent Season. With gratitude and expectation join me in making this year an extra special year as we seek to Plant New Seeds. Invite others to join you in packing shoe boxes so that we can reach even more children with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and through the children reach whole families.

Just imagine, God may use your simple shoebox to plant a church that plants other churches!  Can you share my imagination, the imagination that can take a simple brown box and turn it into a church filled with people worshiping the Lord?

Just imagine!
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