Sunday, December 07, 2014


THIS PAST FEW DAYS Linda and I had the blessed opportunity to watch Kiley overnight while her mama and papa went to celebrate their anniversary. It was their first time away from her for a few nights, and for us a quick recalling of what it means to watch an infant for an extended period of time.  I can’t speak for the rest of the family, but I think Kiley and I did just fine!

For me, caring for Kiley means making sure she smiles, wrapping her in a warm blanket after her bath, putting her in her jammies, (who designs those things!? No one with kids, that’s for sure!) and of course, rocking in Grandpa’s chair.  Having an infant in the house means you live by her time schedule not yours.  Any plans you might have move down the list. You can either let that frustrate you, or you can take it as a precious gift from God.  I choose the latter.

It many ways it’s enjoying a kind of moment to moment Sabbath. Sure there’s stuff to be done, changing diapers, warming bottles, giving baths and did I mention changing diapers? But there are the blessed reminders and opportunities just to stop and hold her and gaze at the wonder of God’s creation.

That’s what Sabbath was meant to be; a time where we would rest in God’s arms, and gaze up in wonder at the One who loves us so much.

In this hectic time of the year its too easy to forget what our true priority is to be, therefore, I strongly encourage you to make time for Sabbath, evenly daily. I even suggest stopping for a few minutes every day to gaze into the face of the God who loves to just hold you.  Be sure to take a day of Sabbath that God has given to us as a gift. As the mug that the Garcia’s brought home for me says, take time to “Slow Down,” for “Life is Good,” with God!

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