Sunday, December 14, 2014


LET’S FACE IT, THERE’S few things better than cuddling with an infant who has just had a bath.  Their hair smells of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, the aroma of fresh powder surrounds their little bodies and then of course they are snuggled in those little fleecy footy pajamas.  I can remember those moments quite clearly and of course holding one of my grandchildren after such a time brings me back to holding my own children many years ago.

I can remember holding one of my kids one night as they drifted off to sleep, I could feel their little heart beats and feel the soft warmness of their sweet baby breath. I noticed that I tried to breathe in rhythm with them, not an easy thing to do, but I was contemplating the reality of them being so close, I even remember trying to hold them closer to feel almost one with them.  There was beauty in the sweet aromas, the gentle breaths and the peaceful slumber of complete safety as they slept in my arms.

I wonder how Mary felt holding the infant Jesus? Of course no Johnson’s powder or shampoo, but there was, I am sure, the sweetness of His breath and the rhythmic beating of His heart as she held Him in her arms of safety.  What would it have been like to know that you are cuddling with the Christ-Child? The One whose breath was the very breath of God, the One whose heart would break and bleed for the salvation of all. What would it be like to be so close to the very heart-beat of God?

It is to this place of peace and rest that the Lord of all eternity calls us today.  He calls us to draw close to Him, to feel His breath, to feel His heart-beat. Jesus calls us to come near and to cuddle close so that our hearts would beat as one with His, that our breathing would be in rhythm with His. As Mary held the infant Christ, He desires now to hold you.

Therefore, during this Advent season draw near to the One who longs to cuddle with you and discover that wonder-filled, peace-filled, love-filled presence of God.

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