Wednesday, January 21, 2015


RECENTLY, I WAS RACING DOWN THE 101 in Los Angeles, well, maybe racing is not the operative word, as I was not going over 15mph! While slowly progressing in the “fast lane” I began to watch the cars approaching at a high rate of speed on the opposite side of the K-rail. I was struck by a couple of thoughts. First, am thankful for the people who designed those concrete barriers lovingly referred to as K-rails. Second I realized that there was absolutely no way to communicate with those driving on the other side.  Even if I needed to warn them of oncoming danger we were both moving too fast, and well, stopping on the freeway to chat is not smiled upon by the local CHP.
It got me thinking about our journey through life, especially our spiritual journey. If we desire to interact with people along the way, even those going the opposite direction, we need to get off the freeway and onto the well-beaten path. Sure, it’s a lot slower going, but it can be the path to interacting with God, His creation and with others along the path.
Our culture drives us to move quickly along the roads of life, encouraged even to drive faster than the speed limit. I would like to encourage us to pull over and choose the path that demands a slower pace; a pace which allows for interaction and a pace that allows for peace and rest. I would call it to travel at the pace of prayer.
Personally, I am seeking this year to linger longer with the Lord. I may not be covering a lot of ground at a high rate of speed, but I do sense it is the speed to which the Lord calls us.  I encourage you to linger longer with the Lord this year as well.
God bless you on the journey.

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