Sunday, January 04, 2015


I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S UNIVERSAL, but I have noticed that you don’t have to teach an infant to rub their eyes when they’re getting tired and sleepy.  They just seem to get it naturally.  I can’t offer an explanation why, but I can offer that we rub our eyes at different times to express different things.

As I see it there a few different reasons we rub our eyes, besides when we are sleepy. Consider:

  • when we’re waking up,
  •  when we’re crying,
  •  when they’re irritated,
  •  when we’re in unbelief and it’s close cousin,
  •  when we’re in awe.

 I would like to suggest that as we begin this new year we seek to rub our eyes in wonder at the things God has done and that He continues to do. Spiritually, I believe we are too often moving toward slumber than toward the sublime. We tend to rub our eyes as if life has left us exhausted, and maybe it has, but we can choose to keep our eyes peeled for the works of God in creation, in His Word, in His church, and in the people around us.

It’s difficult to see those things if we are fatigued, worn-out, and otherwise pooped and that it is in God’s wisdom that He has given us the call to Sabbath. It’s not a command to make our life difficult, rather a grace to give us the blessed rest we need so we can be more observant of the blessings which the LORD has lavished upon us.

Therefore, in 2015, let us renew the covenant of Sabbath. Let us rest and linger longer with the Lord, so that we will be able to perceive the presence of the Lord in our very midst and rub our eyes in wonder at the greatness of our God

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