Sunday, February 15, 2015


ONE OF THE GREAT BLESSINGS of being part of Felton Bible Church is the number of senior saints that are part of our church family. Throughout my thirty-seven year association with the church I have been blessed too many times to count from the wisdom that comes from those who have walked long upon the Earth and more importantly, having walked a long time with Jesus.

As a young married man, and a wet-behind-the-ears youth pastor back in 1977, I was privileged to have gained insight and wisdom from those who had walked before me. Of course, honesty demands that there were also a few old codgers whose words to me always seemed more like a reprimand than loving wisdom, but they were few and far between.

I learned about the faithfulness of the Lord even as people faced incredibly rough roads and decisions. The saints would share with me how they had never found themselves without great peace-filled presence of the Lord even through times of greatest loss.

The wisdom I gained did not always come in the form of spoken word, but in watching faith in action. I remember seeing Dave Lindstedt, our cross-the-street neighbor and a church member and Elder, each morning seated at the kitchen table, coffee cup in hand and Bible open, beginning each day with the Lord. Wisdom came from witnessing Dick Mack faithfully share the Gospel with each person he could and to learn the commitment of love as he took care of his “dear Dorothy” until the Lord called her home.

I can remember sitting at the kitchen table of Irene Rathe and hearing her gracious, yet pointed words, “Randy, it’s all about surrendering your life completely to Jesus Christ. Surrender, that’s what we’re called to.”

I have a drawer full of cards from the past 20 plus years. Cards filled with words of challenge, thanks, encouragement and prayers. The fact that I still have them tells you the importance of such encouragement and the wisdom many of them possess.

So, today, I say, “Thank you, Lord, for Thy faithful saints who have trodden the path before me, seeking to make it smoother for all who follow. Lord, may I continue in their wise example, to Thy glory and the growth of Thy Kingdom. Amen!”

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