Monday, March 23, 2015


The Betrayal of Christ
THE BETRAYAL BY JUDAS .  .  . WHY did he do it? Was he chosen by God? Is that fair? Why didn't he repent in his remorse as Peter did? There was opportunity. There was time. Was there not forgiveness, too? 

Do I betray Jesus for something less?
Are not all things less?
Do I kill,
Then rebell?
My heart broken,
So I betray.
My heart is then broken,
And broken it remains.
My self-inflicted wound,
Deeper than His,
Or so I believe.
I forsook Him,
No forgiveness for the forsaken.
To betray Him is to
Betray self.
I took the opportunities afforded me,
Now no opportunity is afforded.
Betrayal for silver
To purchase my grave.
Better to hang forgotten,
Than to live forsaken.