Sunday, March 22, 2015


Capillary wave/Ripple effect
LAST WEEK I HAD THE HONOR of officiating at the memorial service for Jeanne Dangers and though all memorial services have their somber aspects and moments of grief, over the past 38 years of ministry I have found that I usually walk away with a deeper appreciation for the individual being honored.  This was so very true for last Sunday.

I have known Jeanne, and her late husband, Jack, since my days of youth ministry here at Felton Bible Church (aka The Evangelical Free Church of Felton.)  Jeanne was a quiet, unassuming child of God and yet the impact of her life in her family and in her missionary work in the then Belgian Congo, has produced an ongoing ripple effect that continues today almost 35 years since she and Jack had retired from full-time missionary work. 

The ripple effect of a small stone landing in a vast lake would seem to not have much effect. We have seen ripples moving out from the center and slowly flattening out and they soon become unnoticeable upon the surface of the water.

So, why after so many years has the ripple effect from Jeanne’s life continued? I believe it is because Jesus Christ was at the center of Jeanne’s life and when He is there His Presence can insure that the ripples continue on long after the stone has been cast and is resting unseen on the lake’s bottom.

I believe that many in attendance last Sunday afternoon listened to the stories of the long-term effects of those ripples, and quietly prayed, “Lord, may my life cause those long-lasting ripples that affect people for Your Kingdom.”  You can see some of those ripples by checking-out New Hope Uganda and the work of The Tandala Hospital)

The good news is that our lives can have that same effect if we allow Christ to be the Rock at the center of our lives and if we stand humbly, ready to sink away so that His glory can be seen and experienced.

Lord, so cast us in the water!

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