Sunday, March 01, 2015


WE ALL HAVE RECEIVED A GIFT that we really didn't like, but we choked out a “thank you” anyway.  When the party was over and the guests had left the gift went quickly into what I call the “Abbott’s Bag.”  That’s the stuff that is going to be dropped-off at the Abbott’s Thrift Shop with hopes that the person who gave me the gift doesn't find in on the thrift shop’s shelves on a later date.

It’s not that I didn't need the gift, but I didn't like the color, or the style, or I already had received some of the same type of gifts in the past, and well, it just wasn’t me. Sounds a little ungrateful and unkind I know, but I surmise you’ve been there yourself once or twice. Besides, how else does the Abbott’s Thrift Store get all that stuff?!

Our heavenly Father gives us lots of gifts as well. And we appreciate them, or at least we should! One such gift is the gift of worship. Think about it. We have been given the opportunity through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, to boldly approach the throne of God without the fear of being incinerated by His glory. Check out Isaiah 6:1-8, or Exodus 19 for a couple of examples of standing near the glory of God. Yet, in Hebrews 4:15-16 we are told that we can approach the LORD because Jesus is there with us as the High Priest.

Sadly though, we often take the opportunity to gather for worship for granted, or worse, we don’t take it at all. We don’t see that our ability to come and worship the great I AM, the sovereign God, Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer is truly one of the most wonderful gifts we could receive. God could keep us far away, not allowing us close as He directed the people of Israel, but instead He has called us up His mountain as He called Moses (Exodus 24:1-18).

Therefore, as you come to worship, receive it as a gift and give thanks to our gracious, gift-giving Abba God.

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