Sunday, May 03, 2015


BEAUTIFULLY SCRIPTED on the back wall of the Sanctuary are two phrases; “Speak Truth. Love Well.”  This is not the new Vision or Mission Statement for our church, but the reminder of how our lives are to be lived within community. Whether that community is inside or outside the walls of Felton Bible Church.

I was first introduced to these two phrases while watching the weekly video podcast, The Table presented by the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. Their phrase reads; “Teach Truth. Love Well,” and is more fitting for the seminary setting. When I first read the words I thought how important they were to the work of shepherding God’s people. As a pastor, I am called to teach God’s truth well, (2 Timothy 2:15) and to love God’s people well, as exemplified in and though the life of Jesus Christ. (John 13:34; John 15). As I further contemplated the phrase I realized that this is the call to the church as a whole.  I all of our lives we are called to speak God’s truth in the midst of loving all people well.

This, of course, requires some preparatory work on our part, first, knowing the truth of God well enough to speak it out. We do not have to wait until we know it perfectly, we are called to speak that which we know and to continue to grow in His Word so that we shall move from spiritual breast-fed infants to spiritual adults able to feast upon the banquet of God’s Word. (1 Peter 2:2, 1 Corinthians 3, 2 Timothy 3:14, Hebrews 5:11-15)

Second, we must love as we have been loved by Christ, which includes of course forgiving as we have been forgiven. (Matthew 6:9-15, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, John 13:34; John 15

Both these phrases work in tandem with each other for we cannot love well without speaking the truth, and we cannot speak truth without loving well. Therefore, my challenge to all of us as we leave the sanctuary each morning that we rededicate the sanctuary of God within us to speak truth and to love well to the praise of God’s glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom.

May these four words become both our invocation and benediction, to draw us in to worship and to lead us out to service.

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