Sunday, May 10, 2015


THE OLDER I GET the more I am convinced that my mom (many moms for that matter) had a special relationship with the Holy Spirit. Just as He knows all about me and what I am up to at all times, so did my mom. Just as the Holy Spirit both convicts of sin and comforts the sinner, thus it was true for my mom. And just as there are times when I can feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and I can see His work in me, so it is with my mom. Not that she is in some way looking down from heaven and directing my steps, but rather her many years of work and prayers are still at work in me.

My mom was not perfect and I have not met a perfect mother yet. (Except for my wife and the mother of my children, of course. A man has to eat!) But the truth of the matter is that my mom, and many of the moms I have known and even called “mom,” were always at the work of seeking to ensure perfection in their children and their homes. Sure, they failed often, (they are not the Holy Spirit in the flesh) but they often sought to give their best even at great cost to themselves.

Therefore, on this hallmark of a day called Mother’s Day, I would like to offer this blessing to all the moms and those who stand in the place of moms to kids in need of a mother’s love:

Gracious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I beseech that You would bless the mothers of this world
as they seek to care for those You have entrusted to them.
May You grant them;
wisdom as they guide,
strength as they serve,
compassion as they care,
and courage as they protect their children.
May they know Your power, peace, protection,
and most of all, Your great love.

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