Sunday, June 07, 2015


YOU CANNOT PUT GOD IN A BOX, if you try to you will limit your experience of the greatness of the character of God. Please note I said, you will limit, not that God is limited by the box in which you try to place Him. The boxes we try to place God into can come in all shapes and sizes, but they will all limit our experience of who God truly is.

Now, I must give this one little caveat, that is even if we work very diligently to not put God into any box whatsoever, we will still never grasp the depth and breadth of the sovereign, eternal creator of all that is and ever will be. Our minds are just too small to take Him all in, and in reality that is a good thing, for who wants a God who is limited by our understanding of Him? Surely not I.

Though we should not place God in a box there are boxes that God places us in so that we can learn of His power, love, forgiveness, compassion, healing, presence and peace. These boxes, as you can imagine, can seem restricting, confining, uncomfortable and down-right not enjoyable. But here is what I have learned; it is in those places of feeling unloved that we can best experience the love of God. It is those places of restriction that we can best know His freedom. It is in the box of loneliness that we can know His presence. And, when we find ourselves in the box with the lid taped shut and dwelling in the darkness, it is there we can know best the One who is the Light of the world.

Today if you find yourself stuck in a box, rather than wearing yourself out trying to kick and claw your way out of the box, rest in it.  God, the eternal One, is there in the box with you. He is ready to sooth you with His loving presence and to give you His peace.

Receive today the gift of your box. It might be one of God’s greatest gifts He has for you, for in it you will meet Him.

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