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MY KIDS have at one time or another wanted a dog.  The story usually took form something like this,
“Dad, can we get a dog?”
“Please!  Please!”
“We promise to feed him, walk him, play with him, even clean-up the poop.”
“Please? Please? Please? You’re the best dad in the WHOLE world!”
“Well, ONLY if you PROMISE to do all those things.”
“Yea! We’re getting a dog! We’re getting a dog!”

Of, course you already know the REST of the story: Dad fed the dog, walked the dog, played with the dog and yes, cleaned-up the poop!  Needless to say, the dog didn’t stay around too long!  Sure, we tried other pets, all with the same result.

So, this old man has finally found the right pet for our family, deer!  You don’t  have to feed them, or walk them, or play with them, and usually you don’t have to clean up their poop.  They are the perfect pet  . . .  except for one thing. Even though they feed themselves they eat all the things we wish they wouldn’t, like our roses, raspberries and hydrangeas! I am sure you get the picture.

English: Monarch butterfly(Danaus plexippus) o...Here’s the good news. Last year Linda found something they don’t like (no, not a shotgun) they don’t eat zinnias! So, this year we planted the right seeds and got lots of zinnias, and we’re already planning for next year, more zinnias!  They’re pretty flowers and bring lots of color to the yard, are nice to cut and bring in the house, and they even look good on the Communion Table.

The secret to a productive garden starts with two key activities. First, preparing the soil and second, planting the right seeds.  The same is true when it comes to producing a productive garden in the Lord’s creation.

There are many opportunities we have for working in the Lord’s Garden which is the souls of those around us, whether those souls have been bearing a plentiful harvest in the past or whether they have yet to receive the seeds of God’s grace and love.

In this edition of In Formation, I want to share with you some of the wonderful opportunities which are available for you here in this portion of God’s Garden we call Felton Bible Church. I encourage you with my whole heart to help us till the soil well and to plant the right seeds.
Here are some wonderful opportunities in which you can get blessed while being a blessing!

Help till the “soul” and plant seeds of God’s Word at our AWANA program! Each year I meet adults in whom were planted the seeds of God’s Word 25-30 years ago and those seeds are still bearing fruit. You can be part of a great group of gardeners and even maybe harvesters, just see our master gardener, Harvey Newman, (also known as the AWANA Commander) about how you can be part of this great opportunity. You can email him at:

How about helping to plant the right seeds on Sunday morning in the lives our children who attend Children’s Church and Sunday school? It is a special opportunity to help them continue in what they have begun to learn in the church service. If you would be part of this life-changing time you can contact our Christian Education Coordinator Brenda Tanner at:

You say you can’t give time every week, well I happen to know of some other opportunities that don’t demand a weekly commitment, take for example our summer Vacation Bible School. It’s one of the most exciting weeks of the year here at FBC.  This past year we witnessed God’s seed planted in hundreds of kids and also saw those seeds sprout in the lives of 79 kids! You can see contact Brenda Tanner if you want more information for being involved next summer.

Do desire to help to plant more seeds and bear more fruit? Join the wonderful opportunity given through the ministry of Operation Christmas Child. (Click the link to OCC) If you want to be part of the local action in our garden here at FBC contact Mary Hoff at If you would like to take the opportunity to plant seeds through prayer you can email your desire to be part of our local OCC prayer team at:

Finally, there are numerous ways you can plant the right seeds by serving as a coach for a kids sports team, or volunteering at one of our local elementary schools.

So, there you have it!  Great ways for you to be involved in God’s Garden helping to till the “soul” and plant the right seeds of the Gospel. I’m praying for you to take up the hoe and join us in this glorious work with the goal of seeing a tremendous harvest for our Lord. Thanking you and rejoicing with you now as we look forward to a glorious future!

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