Sunday, August 30, 2015


THERE IS A CABIN AT MOUNT HERMON that must have been built by a distant relative of the creator of the Mystery Spot. It is a quaint place; in other words it’s small, but what is most special about Poppy is that you can never lose anything. The reason is because it will all eventually end up in the same corner.

I’m not sure of the reason, whether it was shoddy workmanship, or just age (it’s an old little place), but I am pretty sure that it is that old nemesis of a poor foundation and eroding ground. Anyway you look at it, it’s a place that seems off-kilter at best or dangerous at worse.

Poor construction on unstable ground can have disastrous consequences, besides of how it makes a place look. What is true about a physical structure like Poppy, can also be true about the spiritual structure of our soul. What we build upon and how we build will affect the whole of our life. We can build upon a firm faith in a strong and redemptive God using the truth of the Scriptures as material with which we can frame and outfit our spiritual home.

My encouragement to each of us is that we build a spiritual home that passes inspection and that can be left as a legacy from one generation to another. A place that can provide sanctuary from the storms of life. A place where people can find nurture and thankfulness. And a home of hope for all who would pass by or enter in.

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Robin Patrick said...

I think this topic was used in a sermon today. A very good sermon all about being on the rock or going splat!