Sunday, October 04, 2015


MY MOM AND DAD USED TO SAY TO ME, “Don’t let the screen door slam!” She was usually referring to the screen door that had a spring closure on it. I have done my best since then to not let the door slam, and of course I tried to teach my children to follow suit . . . a dad can hope.

This past Tuesday evening I was sitting in my study when I began to hear doors slamming shut. Peering out my window I could see dozens of cars bringing kids to AWANA. I realized for each slammed door there was a child being brought to church to learn God’s Word, to hide it in their hearts and to have a good time doing so.  All of a sudden the slamming of doors and the reality they represented brought joy to my ears.  I wanted to hear more and more slamming doors.

I then got dreaming . . . wouldn’t it be great to hear slamming car doors on a regular basis around here?  Can you imagine, Sunday mornings with the slamming of car doors signaling the arrival of people eager to worship and fellowship together?  How about, Wednesday evenings with the slamming of cars doors representing students coming to youth group and men arriving for Bible study? How wonderful, on Thursday mornings announcing the arrival of women coming to Bible study or to White Cross.

Hear the sound? Get the picture? Would you join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for the car doors being slammed? Would you join me in praying for more cars and more doors and more people excited about what God is doing while we’re slamming doors?

Sorry, Mom and Dad, I think these doors are different. But I will still try not to slam the screen door.

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