Monday, October 19, 2015


YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS, but when I was in high school I had a number of girlfriends and I loved each one intensely . . . or so I thought.

The reality was I was not in love, I was infatuated. Love is other-centered, whereas infatuation is self-centered. Infatuation is about getting, receiving, feeling good, thanks-getting, and of course, being the center of attention. Love on the other hand is about giving, offering, feeling safe, thanks-giving, and of course, making the other the center of attention. Infatuation is about taking control whereas love is about giving-up control. In summation, infatuation is about YOU and love is about the OTHER.

What is true in our earthly relationships is also true in our relationship with God. I have come to see, since my early days of following Jesus as Savior and Lord, many say we love God, when in fact our actions look more like infatuation than love.

Let’s take our “Date-Time” with the Lord, commonly referred to as our Worship Service. The Worship Service is our time to express our love to God, and I do believe that we are seeking to do so, but laid against what I wrote above, it often looks more like infatuation than love.  If you believe that this doesn’t refer to you please feel free to stop reading, but if you think this applies to the person sitting in front of you, then keep reading so you know what they’re going through as they read this.

Many of us, when we come to worship, if we are honest, are more focused upon ourselves, than God. We come to get more than to give. We come with the desire to feel good rather than the desire to encourage the other. We come to experience things our way rather than express things God’s way. To put it even a little stronger, we come self-centered instead of God-centered. What we think passes for love of God is sometimes infatuation of self. It is about YOU rather than HIM.

Please understand I am not seeking to make you, or me, feel bad. On the contrary, I want to call us to move from self-absorption to God-adoration. To move from simply being infatuated with God to loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

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