Wednesday, June 01, 2016


MY FEET HURT! ALL FOUR OF THEM! When did you say we were going to reach our destination? Tomorrow? You said that YESTERDAY! Do you really know where you’re taking us? Did I mention my FEET HURT?!

I was fine in our river-side home. And the river was just perfect, not too cold, not too warm and the food was plentiful. We hippos were meant for rivers, not dry grasslands. Are you SURE it was God you heard and not your stomach growling?  I mean, how can you be sure?  Yes, yes I realize we met a lot of other nice couples along the way, though those two crocodiles are disconcerting, and yes, all the husbands heard the same message, but husbands have been known to be wrong ya know!  Did I mention my feet are KILLING me?

I was happy where we were. No big changes expect during high river time, or when the kid came over.  That’s ANOTHER thing, why just us? Why couldn’t the whole herd come along? Oh yeah, right, God said only two. The fact is, I just don’t like this journey at all. I was comfortable at home. By the way . . . my feet have stopped hurting . . . I just can’t feel them anymore.

Are you sure you know the way? You keep looking around like you’re expecting something. Oh right, water is supposed to start falling from the heavens. Now look, honey, we all know, even the wildebeest know, that water comes up from the ground. Rivers, lakes, streams, and the mist that feeds them all, water comes from below, not above. Why am I following you anyway? Oh I forgot YOU'RE the leader of the herd!  The herd we LEFT BEHIND! OUCH! Blasted rock! Hey, I can feel my aching feet again! Thank the Lord for small blessings!

So, let me get this straight, this whole journey, an adventure YOU call it, is because we are to trust God, even when we don’t know the way or the destination? That’s a whole lot of trust, dear. Trust and follow. Follow and trust. Seems like a lot to ask of a hippo. We’re not really created for this type of journey. I’ll be honest, I’m more than a little scared. But I’ll trust you as the leader to trust the Lord, and I’ll follow you to our new home, a home you promised would be better, right? Of course, right. But my feet still hurt!

Hey now, who’s dropping water on my head! Well, I’ll be a hippo’s mother! Guess it’s time to pick up the pace, our destination looms ahead.