Monday, March 20, 2017

Standing Stones

IT’S EASY TO GET LOST in your thoughts, especially when you’re walking along West Cliff Drive. It was a week ago I found myself in just that spot. A gorgeous sun-drenched day found me strolling along the foot path lost in my thoughts.

At first I walked right by it, but something caught my eye and turning I saw this amazing stack of stones, one place precariously upon the other.

My first thought was, “Wow!”, followed by, “How did they do that?”, which led to, “Why did they do that?”  That’s the way it is with standing stones, they’re there to catch your attention. Ultimately they are there to remind you of something special. They might be placed there on a whim, or they may mark some event, but whatever reason they are there to say something, even if it’s simply, “Hey look at this!”

The peoples of the Ancient Near East, including the Hebrews, were good at erecting standing stones. For the Jews these pillars were to be reminders of God’s unique acts, like the crossing of the Jordan River (Joshua 4) or Jacob’s encounter with the LORD at Bethel where the Abrahamic Covenant is restated (Genesis 35.) The standing stones were important to the one building and more important for the generations to come.

We too can build standing stones, not unlike those of the Old Testament. Some outward physical reminder of an inward spiritual work. It might be highlighting a passage from Scripture wherein God spoke to you. It may be a picture hanging on your wall that captures a place where you had a unique encounter with the Lord. it might even be a small stone setting on a shelf reminding you of a time and place where God met with you. I have numerous such items throughout my office and looking at them brings to my memory lessons learned and grace encountered.

What standing stones do you have? Why not take time this week to revisit some of them. Take time to ponder those Biblical passages where God spoke to you. You might even have a spot close-by where you had a special time with God, go there and remember. Take time this week to give thanks to God for those times He reached out to you. And know this, He desires to meet with you again and to give you time to create more memorials to His presence.

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susie q said...

Good words Pastor Randy. I am in a walk like no other right now. God is taking me to places I have never been. I remember at PBEVF you shared about the stuff nes outside the door of the church as a sign of what God has done. I often think of that when I see rocks, glad He is