Monday, April 17, 2017

Sweet, Sweet Savor

ONE OF MY FAVORITE SMELLS is that of a baby that has just been bathed with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I love to hold the tiny one, put my nose to their little head and breathe deeply. It’s the aroma of clean, of newness. I love it.

On this Resurrection Sunday we celebrate the newness of life. The sweet savor that not only fills the air, but fills the heart as well. I wonder what aroma followed the women as they made their way to the tomb with spices in hand to finish the burial process of their Lord and friend, Jesus? Were their minds taken back to other anointings, other deaths? Would these aromas remain with them throughout the day, throughout their lives to remind them of this horrendous death?

As they enter the garden where the tomb was hewn, what early spring, dew-drenched smells invaded their senses?  Were they aware at all, too overcome by the grief of the day? One can only imagine.

But what change overwhelmed all of their senses when they arrived at the empty tomb? Questions. Fear. Doubt. Wonder. What fresh aroma greeted them, the aroma of life, of a world forever changed. The spices they carried no longer filled them with the dread of death, but now filled them with the newness of life. The fragrances they now possessed became a bouquet that would forever remind them of the miracle of a resurrected life.

What aroma draws you to life? Is it the smell of your favorite meal being prepared? Is the bouquet of scents that fills your head as you stroll through a rain-washed redwood forest? Or is it the clean head of a newly bathed baby? This year as you move through life, take time to savor the sweet aromas of life, and let them bring to you the reality of the Resurrection, the assurance of new life. For Jesus is risen and new life abounds offered to all who would believe and receive. Because Jesus lives we too can live and know life to it’s fullest. (John 10:10)

Believe! Receive! Breathe deeply! For He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

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