Monday, April 03, 2017

The Groaning Ginkgo

OUTSIDE OUR KITCHEN WINDOW we have a very nice ginkgo tree. We love the tree. In the late spring we relish it’s effervescent green leaves. The the summer we welcome the dappled shadows it throws upon the ground. In the fall our eyes are overwhelmed by the bright yellow leaves that seem to be dancing in sunlight. Even in the winter its barren branches draw us to gaze heavenward. But now, in the early spring we can almost hear it groaning as it pushes forth its leaves. I can hear it say, “Ugh this is hard work, but it’s what I am created to do, so push forth I must!”

The Christian life has its seasons as well, each one of them important to fulfilling that for which we are created. We have our summers full of life and our fall season that glimmers with the hope of the year to come. We have our winters, too. Times for rest and reflection. Then comes the spring, that time of new growth, a time of pushing once again, of straining from our core. It is at these times we can often wonder if it is worth it. After all, there is something comfortable about the restful sleep of winter. But, winter is not where we are called to live.

God has created us not for the winter. As purposeful as that time may be, He has called us for the fruit producing season of summer and fall; and spring is the process by which we get there. Even with all its groaning.

I don’t know what season you may find yourself in today, but remember God has called you to fruitfulness, to be found in the fullness for which we were created. So, bloom on dear friend, even if it takes a little grunting and groaning. Know that as you push through, once again living forth as God designed, you shall be a blessing to all, reflecting His glory.

So, let us grow!

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