Monday, July 03, 2017

Feeling Like Jesus

TRULY, NO ONE CAN FEEL LIKE JESUS, at least not in the fullest extent. But, during our week of Vacation Bible School I got a sense of what He just might have felt . . . at least in part.

My key responsibility during VBS was to teach the Word of God to a wide age group of kids (and of course the adults in the room as well.) Telling Bible stories, especially well known ones, seems like an easy enough task, but teaching them to such a wide variety of ages, keeping them connected and interested and helping them to grab the vital truths about God, is not all that easy as I find out each year. (Nope, it doesn’t necessarily get easier with practice.)

In that teaching responsibility I get a sense, at least a little bit, of what Jesus felt teaching the masses. Yes, I know He is perfect and so it would be all well, but He did face an audience made up of all kinds of people, not least of those who would choose not to believe. I wonder if He wondered how many were really following His thoughts or were just coming for the punch and cookies, or in His case the loaves and fishes. I’m sure it troubled His heart from time to time, and I suppose it also troubles His heart today when He knows that not all will respond favorably to His Word.

There is one time each VBS that I truly feel I am getting a sense of how Jesus felt and that is when we call the children up front who that day made a decision to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There is nothing quite like sitting on the steps of the stage and being surrounded by scores of smiling faces. This year I was blessed to sit amongst 114 new believers. Kids from Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade made their way up front to say that they had chosen to follow Jesus. To sit with them at my knee and to pray one more time is truly one of the great blessings of my pastoral work.

Looking back over that special time I always think of Jesus’ command of letting the little ones come to HIm and hinder them not. What a blessing to sit at the feet of Jesus and receive His welcome, His blessing, His love.

Here is something we all need to realize, we are all children before the Lord. He calls all of us to come. He welcomes all who come. He blesses all who come. He loves all who come. Here’s my question for you today, “Have you come to the feet of Jesus?” There’s plenty of room for all. If you have yet given up childlike faith I encourage you today to do so. Lay aside all excuses and all fears, and just like those VBS kids, come and meet with Jesus. He is waiting for you!

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