Monday, July 17, 2017

In the Midst of the Storm

LONDON, JUNE 3, 2017 ANOTHER TERRORIST ATTACK. This attack took place the evening before Linda and I were to spend the day exploring London. Needless to say, we heard from people on both sides of the Atlantic that maybe we should change our plans. But we had traveled too far to do that. We would just be vigilant.

On Sunday morning we left for London, stopping at the beautiful Kew Gardens along the way. Our first stop in London was to participate in the later afternoon Evensong service at Westminster Abbey. Everyone’s bags and backpacks were thoroughly checked before entering the grounds and armed military kept a watchful eye for any trouble. Upon entering the Abbey all things changed; we had truly entered a sanctuary. It was a place that sang of stability and peace, a place of holy welcome. It was a place we needed to be.

Here at Felton Bible Church we have our Vision and Mission Statements (see the previous Shepherd Staff writings) and helping us to meet those lofty goals are four Values which we seek to live by as we work to be the Lord’s faithful church. The first of those Values is our desire to be a place of Sanctuary.

Being a Sanctuary means to be a place of peace and a place of worship. It is a place where one can escape, even if for a little while, from the cacophony of noise that fills our days. We seek to be a place that welcomes all in the Name of Jesus and a place where all can experience God’s love and grace.

Fulfilling this Value of Sanctuary is more than just being a building that looks like a church, and provides a place to worship. Being a place of sanctuary must rise from the hearts of the people who call FBC home. Sanctuary is an attitude of the heart. A place of peace and worship, of welcome and grace means there must be people given to such things.

I invite you to join with me is creating such a place. Let us open our hearts to the sanctuary that the Lord provides and out of that place of heart be a sanctuary for others. For we are the church, the sanctuary of God.

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